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Looking for a reliable partner?

Among the thousands of construction companies few can strictly follow the obligations respecting the stated quality and the time limit. And if you care to work with a partner who is responsible for his words, the best choice - a construction company "KVALITET."

Working on the market since 2000, the company "KVALITET" proved to be a serious partner, focused on current technology and new trends. Speaking as the chief designer, builder and restorer of major projects, the company follows the latest requirements of the construction market and invariably finds efficient ways to implement ideas.

Regardless of the complexity of the work the company "KVALITET" meet the expectations of its partners. With the ease of taking on the heavy commitment to implement large-scale projects, the construction company to successfully perform all of the tasks from "A" to "Z" from the development and coordination of the project and completing the commissioning of the facility.

Every significant decision made by the company, measured in terms of efficiency, and it allows you to reach a high level of quality. This contributes to the holistic approach to the task.

Finally, an important requirement to conduct designing, building and repair work is the use of high-quality materials and modern instruments. Own production base of the company is constantly updated with new releases of the construction market, which come directly from the manufacturers and leading suppliers.

Coupled with extensive experience in the company and its employees in particular, it allows you to regularly win tenders GOV. During his tenure, construction company has repeatedly worked with key Russian objects: the restoration of our facilities - the Tretyakov Gallery, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the historical building of Moscow State University, the building of the Supreme Court, and so on.

Public education, with whom we cooperate've still remain among our regular customers. Why? Because of high quality and deadlines are always the main value of any partnership. Quality and responsibility - the credo of the construction company "KVALITET."