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Our company provides a range of design services for individuals and businesses. We provide integrated design of residential and nonresidential buildings and various types of equipment - regardless of their purpose and scope.

A distinctive feature of the company's projects is the organic combination of interesting ideas and breadth of functionality in strict compliance with regulatory requirements, conditions of construction and delivery.

Among the design work we do

  • complex design of the new building;
  • architectural design of any complexity;
  • Development projects of reconstruction and redevelopment;/li>
  • creation of master plans and site improvement projects;
  • engineering and construction design.

Our specialists also provide design projects of residential, office and public spaces. As a result, work on whatever subject the attention of the customer presents a complete project ready for implementation.

After approval of the project by the client we do it take to get approval and appropriate permits, approvals and technical advice for the construction, reconstruction and redevelopment.

We present the design work and consultation as a whole system. Since the architectural design is a complex task and capacious, our company pays great attention to compliance with the required technology and work organization. Managing the process of designing and building complex, we provide a quality end result.

The company's staff of experienced designers and engineers are competent to harmonize projects. All team members are behind a lot of experience and a solid amount of successful projects.

The main landmarks of our work on the design are high quality and deadlines. We form all the necessary sections of the project and agree it with the authorities of the local self-government in the shortest possible time. Our clients do not have to expect the beginning of construction for a long time, as we are strictly and clearly observe the time limit.

All work is performed in accordance with Federal laws, SNIP and GOST standards legislation of the Russian Federation.

Our projects

Residential house in the cottage Tsarskoye Selo S=1200м2

Residential house in the cottage house Keram 1. S = 420m2

The apartment is in a building on Kutuzovsky Prospekt on 4 S = 110m2


Representation of JSC ARMZ Chita S = 1050m2

Residential house in the cottage house Keram 1. S = 4210m2

Residential house in the cottage Kubinka S = 250m2

Apartment in Elk Island S = 112m2