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Services and Licenses

Ltd. "KVALITET" provides a full range of services in the construction, repair and remodeling. Cooperation with us always convenient for the customer through the complete cycle of work - from concept to completion of the project in operation.

Our company specializes in various sites, including the public and residential buildings, factory premises, workshops, warehouses and hangars.

Our services

  • Design - the first and most important step in any construction. We carry out the design work of any kind and complexity, offering the best solutions for your situation, whether it is a residential project buildings, facilities for work or production.
  • Construction and renovation - a vast range of works on new construction, as well as extensive, current and Eurorepair buildings in residential areas, commercial, public type. We provide a decent result of construction and repair work, using new technology and high quality materials.
  • Restoration - restoration of the original form of historic buildings and monuments. Our company has all the licenses needed for the restoration of objects.
  • Reconstruction - actual service in today's dense urban areas. We often reconstruct the building, completely changing its purpose, for example, converting an old factory into an office center. Due to the reconstruction of the configuration can be changed, the size and layout of the building, to finish the floors and solve a series of functional tasks.

Along with the main activities of our company provides a range of specialized services:

  • facade, the work on technology «Weber-Vetonit»;
  • Performance of technical customer;
  • comprehensive engineering support;
  • supply and installation of window plant designs Rudupis (Lithuania).

In addition to conducting construction, repair and installation work, our company is addressing formal issues, including the implementation of technical supervision, coordination of alterations and facades and obtaining permits for construction, restoration and renovation.

All work is performed in accordance with SNIP and GOST standards legislation of the Russian Federation.

Our Capabilities

Admission to a particular type of SRO works

License to perform activities for the restoration of cultural heritage

Admission SRO Design

FSB license

Resolution and ISO 9000

Resolution and OHSAS 18000 certifications

Permission and certificates of expert auditors ILO OSH 2001

The certificate of registration in the register

ISO 9000 certificate

OHSAS 18000 certificate

certificate ILO OSH 2001

The license for the operation of facilities and nuclear research reactors

Сертификат соответствия требованиям системы экологического менеджмента

Свидетельство о допуске к видам работ, оказывающих влияние на безопасность объектов капитального строительства

Приложение к свидетельству о допуске к видам работ, оказывающих влияние на безопасность объектов капитального строительства